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About Us

Hung Phong Industrial Company is the exclusive distributor of Shenzhen Xing Feng Plastic Company Limited in Xingfeng Plastic Vietnam. Established in 1992, specializing in the fields of plastics industry over 20 years, is a research and development, production and sales integrated company. Singfong produces professional and semi-plastics widely used in related industries, livestock, agriculture and fisheries, food and beverage industry and logistics and other plastic products. The main products include plastic pallet, basket case, cleaning and sanitary products company in China 17 provinces in the country and city, with selling points, and in place to provide personal service For different customers. We have been in "continuous improvement, direct customer satisfaction caused so far," the design concept for our customers and the production of competitive products and the provision of services. Logistics and warehousing solutions.


Hung Phong Vietnam Industrial Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Xingfeng Plastic Co., Ltd. Xingfeng is a famous plastic manufacturer in China. Started in 1992, Xingfeng has expanded its line to include a large variety of household products, serving and providing restaurants, office products and high industrial duty containers and pallets.Our "Xingfeng" brand The brand is highly recognized in the plastic industry at home and abroad. High quality, good service with competitive price is our company policy.


The use of the groove on the printing press


Groove Print Step 1: Place the paper on the cutting machine Press the set size to cut the brush tray on the press.
  Step 2: The paper is cut directly on the cutter and placed directly on the groove printing tray.
Step 3: Put the cut paper with the tray into the warehouse.   Step 4: Use the forklift to place the groove tray that cuts the paper directly into the paper feed platform of the press.
Step 5: The tray is fed into the press as the press draws the platform.   Step 6: When the paper on a tray is to be conveyed, use 4-6 steel pipes to insert the bottom of the paper with the groove of the tray.
Step 7: steel pipe by the press lift arm to hold the overhead paper, the groove tray with the lifting platform after the fall out.   Step 8: The second board of paper into the paper feed platform, with the lifting platform after the rise of steel pipe, so that the remaining paper on the second board superimposed on the paper to complete the uninterrupted paper process.
Automatic folding machine   Automatic folding machine


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